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2016 NFL Color Rush colors may have been leaked

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So apparently, while we were covering the Detroit Lions and their Color Rush ideas for 2016, I glossed over a pretty important detail: All 32 NFL teams are going to be participating in the Color Rush program.

[Detroit Lions President]Rod Wood confirmed that the Lions will wear Color Rush jerseys for a Thursday game, be it Thanksgiving or on a Thursday night, this fall.

“All teams that play on Thursday this year will wear a Color Rush uniform,” he said. “The roll out of the Color Rush uniforms for all teams will occur when they announce the schedule and when we know whether we’re playing a Thursday night game or we’re playing just Thanksgiving. I’m hoping we have another Thursday night game in addition to Thanksgiving. And we will wear a uniform that I can’t describe yet because the NFL won’t allow me to. It will be all one color and we’ll wear it on Thursday night.”

That was confirmation that the Lions would be participating in the program this season, but we also got a bit of a leak when a Twitter account known as NFL_Leaks lived up to their namesake and posted this image on their account:

Credit to @NFL_Leaks for the image
Credit to @NFL_Leaks for the image

This image opened up a huge can of worms: Falcons and Eagles in all-silver? Lions in all-black (after they seemed to indicate that they wouldn’t be wearing all-black)? Chiefs in all-yellow? Patriots in redcoat red? Seahawks returning to rave green? Texans in the old Oilers Luv Ya’ Blue? Those were the most interesting color rush ideas other than the two obvious ones: Baltimore and Cincinnati.

2016 NFL Color Rush 1

Now this looks intriguing. If the Bengals do indeed go with a white-tiger look, could this result in them breaking out white helmets? They could get around the silly one-helmet rule by simply placing white decals where the orange is, but that also seems like more work than needed for just one game, so they’d probably just go with the regular orange helmets to top off the white-and-black uniforms.

Meanwhile, it’s always an eye-catcher when any team from Maryland decides to break out uniforms inspired by their unique state flag, so seeing the Ravens do it would be a bit of a stunner. What’s even more interesting is the fact that the image had “Flag colors to be decided” next to the design, which could indicate that we could see a purple, gold, and black design on the way.

The speculation going on is so strong that even the Baltimore Ravens’ web team felt the need to chime in.

Since the leak has two disclaimers, we really can’t be certain if this outside-the-box design is actually in the works. And if you’re wondering whether I can confirm or deny the design since I work for the team, nice try. There were zero signs that the Ravens would use the gold uniforms last season until they were hung in the lockers when the team suited up against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Uniform designs are kept just about as secret as the Ravens draft board, which I also don’t have access to. If I saw it, I might have to be terminated.

So, we aren’t getting any word of confirmation from the Ravens. In fact, we haven’t gotten confirmation from anybody, and NFL_Leaks made sure to note that this is all subject to change. So, while most of these designs could stick, there’s a very good chance that most of these could change as well. So, what’s real and what’s fake? Who really knows at this point. The point is that if you’re an NFL fan, then you may as well get ready to see your favorite team wearing some sort monochrome look at some point in the future. The Color Rush is here and it’s here to stay.