Tom Brady leads NFL in player merch sales at end of 2015-16 season

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The Patriots may not have won the Super Bowl last season, but at least their fans can rest easy knowing that their legendary quarterback ended the season as king of the merchandise sales. According to a list released by the NFLPA, Tom Brady finished the season as the NFL’s leader in player merchandise sales, with the now-retired Peyton Manning coming in as the runner-up. Russell Wilson came in at third place, Aaron Rodgers was fourth, and Dez Bryant rounded out the top five.

For what it’s worth, Peyton Manning still ended up having the best-selling jersey through Nike. Cam Newton, Super Bowl MVP Von Miller, Brady, and Rob Gronkowski rounded out that particular top five. So, Peyton Manning ended up retiring as not only a Super Bowl champion, but the Nike jersey sales champion as well.

Peyton Manning led the NFL in jersey sales via Nike at the end of the season
Peyton Manning led the NFL in jersey sales via Nike at the end of the season

Overall, it’s interesting to see that Brady bounced back to reclaim his spot at the top of player merch sales. It’s clear that the whole Deflategate debacle didn’t put much of a dent in his popularity. Also, it’s proof that as long as you continue to produce on the field, fans will still shell out plenty of money for stuff with your name on it. So congratulations to Tom Brady for continuing to make that sweet, sweet merchandise money.

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Who do you think will top this list by this time next year?