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Sacramento Kings Officially Unveil New Logos

Kings New Logo confirmed

Confirming a story first reported on SportsLogos.Net this past weekend, the Sacramento Kings have officially unveiled their new set of logos at an event this morning. The logos were designed by RARE Design, previously responsible for the new Charlotte Hornets set among many others recently in the NBA.

The logo is an homage to the original logo used by the Sacramento Kings when they relocated to the city in 1985. The logo was brought over with the team from Kansas City with just the city name changing on the design.

“When the Kings moved to Sacramento in 1985, the city was transformed. Today, we aim to do it again.” – Kings Owner and Chairman Vivek Ranadivé


new kings logo official

From the press release: “The new primary emblem is inspired by the Kings classic logo. It is reimagined to reflect the civic and franchise pride that has lasted and grown for a generation. Now, with a clean, modern look – a reshaped crown, refined basketball and new typeface that puts Sacramento front and center – the new identity draws from the team’s ambitious beginnings and reminds our region and the world that Sacramento is undergoing a transformation.”


Kings Alternate Logos

From the press release: “The secondary logo featuring the lion, pays tribute to the unmatched pride and loyalty of the NBA’s best fans. The “Sac” badge is dedicated to the bold and unwavering devotion the Kings organization has for its city. A new crown logo reflects the rich tradition of the team dating back to its origins, reminding the fanbase and the community of Sacramento that, “we are all Kings.” The heralding lion crest represents leadership and strength and will be used as the Kings work to make basketball the premier global sport of the 21st century.”


While the colour scheme of the logos are only “royal purple” and “granite”, “pure black” is also included as part of the official team colour scheme. We saw this last year when the Milwaukee Bucks introduced their new logos, it’s a strong indicator that there will be black on the uniforms in some form or that there will be a black alternate uniform as part of the set.

The shade of purple and silver have both been darkened over the previous set. Compare:

Kings New Colours

New uniforms are set to be unveiled in the “coming weeks and months”.


UPDATE (Apr 26/16 2:30pm ET):

Did we say “weeks and months”, apparently they meant minutes. While not “officially unveiled”, the Kings did give us a pretty clear shot of their road (or possibly alternate) jersey front during their presentation of the new logo set.

Kings Uniform Leak

And thanks to the wonders of the Internet sprinkled with a little Photoshop we get a much better look (via @ConradBurry):

Cg_CwN4U0AAgNY8 (1)

“SAC” across the front, which doubles down on that statement during the unveiling about the new set being all about civic pride, purple as the main jersey base colour, and black very present despite being not at all present on any of the team logos.