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Tampa Bay Rays owner discusses road uniform changes and throwbacks

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Ever since the Tampa Bay Rays rebranded to their current identity, the team has worn the word “Rays” on every one of their jerseys. From the regular home-and-away set to their alternate jerseys, each and every one of their tops has featured the word “Rays” on the front.

As a matter of fact, the only jersey that even has the words “Tampa Bay” on it is their fauxback uniform that they wore for turn-back-the-clock games. The city’s name hasn’t adorned the front of a Rays jersey since they were known as the “Devil Rays” back in 2007.

Naturally, there are fans who prefer the tradition of having the city’s name on the away jerseys, and this was brought up by one fan in particular who asked the question to Rays principal owner Stuart Sternberg during the team’s #AskStu event on Twitter. Sternberg responded with an answer that wasn’t exactly committal, but did confirm that they’ve been considering the idea of putting the city’s name on the front of the road jerseys.

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So, if you’re waiting for the Rays to join the club of teams who represent the city with their jerseys on the road, then you may have to wait a while. Who knows how long you’ll have to wait, but just know that it’s possible!

Meanwhile, another fan asked if we’ll see the team wear actual throwbacks to their gradient-filled uniforms from their early days. Again, Sternberg wasn’t exactly committal but he didn’t close the door on the idea.

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So, we could see traditional road unis for the Rays in the future, and we could see them wear their funky throwbacks from the ’90s. There are a lot of “coulds” in the previous sentence, but at least the door is open!