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“Illegal Logo” Forces Change to World Cup of Hockey Uniform

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Who says logos can’t be serious business?

The uniforms designed for Team Czech Republic to be used in the upcoming 2016 World Cup of Hockey was forced to undergo a bit of a change due to what local media referred to as an “illegal badge”.

When the uniforms for World Cup were unveiled in March the original jerseys for the Czech team showed the national coat of arms featuring only the double-tailed lion, which makes up only two of the four-quarters in the full Czech coat. Wikipedia tells me it’s referred to as the “lesser coat of arms”. We’re all learning today.

Czech Uniforms Before After
Original uniforms on the left, new uniform on the right

What makes that illegal? It’s actually a law that the single lion coat be used only for small applications where the full coat could not be replicated properly, such as a postage stamp or coin. Any full ceremonial dress, such as a sports uniform, must use the full coat (the national football team uses a custom badge which looks a lot like the single lion crest but is considered different enough to pass the test).

You can send the cops home, because yesterday the Czech national team announced the illegal jerseys were history, they’ve re-unveiled their 2016 set now featuring the proper crest on the same Adidas jersey design base we saw in March.

Another look at the new uniform:

New Czech Uniform

That was a close one.