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Florida Panthers Chairman Shares Pic of New Uniform

Panthers Jersey Teaser

Just a few days after the new logo for the Florida Panthers leaked it’s way across the Internet, we’ve now got our first look at the new uniforms.

The photo is courtesy Doug Cifu, Vice Chairman of the Florida Panthers and owner of the best Twitter handle of a front office employee I’ve seen. Mr. Cifu says in the Tweet he promised us all a new uniform teaser a month ago, true to his word…

Florida Panthers New Jersey Teaser 2016-2017

The teaser shows the back of the new home red jersey, we can see that the collar is a solid navy blue, the player name in a new-for-the-club custom font and is single-colour (white). The number is trimmed in gold and may be mostly white (but that also may be the middle colour of a three-colour number).

A white number trimmed in gold would line up with what we’d heard earlier, that the uniforms are mostly red, gold, and white with very little blue.

We’ll update this story as more details become available.