Major European soccer clubs have 2016-17 shirts leaked

Europe 16 17 f
We’re reaching the end of the current European soccer season, which means that it’s prime time for the annual tradition of major European soccer clubs seeing their kits for next season get leaked onto the internet. Thanks to the good people over at Todo Sobre Camisetas (who you can find on Twitter @EleteTSC). we’ve got a look at plenty of brand new kits for top clubs across the continent. From Real Madrid to Manchester United, we’re beginning to get an idea of what some of these clubs will be looking like when they take to the pitch for the 2016-17 season.

AC Milan

Europe 16 17 AC Milan

Not much of a surprise here: Black shirt with red stripes — though the stripes do get a bit funky as you get further down the shirt. With that being said, this is a typical look for AC Milan, and it’s nice to see the traditional crest is back on the shirt after spending a couple of seasons on secondary and third shirts.


Europe 16 17 Arsenal 1

Europe 16 17 Arsenal 2

The biggest wrinkle on Arsenal’s normal home look of red shirt with white stripes is the dark red sublimated stripe going down the middle of the shirt. Seems like a bit of a superfluous addition to what would’ve otherwise been a pretty solid shirt. Meanwhile, Arsenal continue to wear yellow/gold for a secondary shirt, and this time the trim color has been changed from a shade of blue to a shade of gray.

Bayern Munich

Europe 16 17 Bayern munich

The German powerhouse will keep on wearing solid red shirts into next season. Meanwhile, there’s sublimated striping going on on the body of the shirt, and white trim on the sides and sleeves. Plus, who doesn’t love a good button-up collar on a soccer shirt?


Europe 16 17 Chelsea

This image basically confirms the authenticity of the leak that we saw back in December.


Europe 16 17 Dortmund 1

Europe 16 17 Dortmund 2

After a year with some relatively calm-looking kits, Dortmund’s decided to get adventurous again with the striping on both their home and clash kits.


Europe 16 17 Juventus

The current kings of Italian soccer will be going with some pretty thick black stripes on next year’s home kit. Personally, I’d prefer thinner stripes, but that doesn’t mean that this isn’t a solid kit, though.

Manchester United

Europe 16 17 Manchester United

This shirt is an apparent tribute to the Manchester United team that won the 1968 European Cup (now the UEFA Champions League). Also, it was about time for Man U to start wearing blue as a change strip again (which they’ve done on numerous occasions in their history). Either way, this is a very good looking kit for the Red Devils. Also, it’s interesting to see that the three stripes are on the shoulder instead of going down the side of the shirt.

Real Madrid

Europe 16 17 Real Madrid

Now, this is what you expect a Real Madrid shirt to look like: Mostly white with just enough accents to make sure that it’s not completely plain, and a classy collar to round it off. The Madridistas should be very pleased with this shirt.

Tottenham Hotspur

Europe 16 17 Tottenham Hotspur

I’m going to say it — this is a downgrade from what they wore for the 2015-16 campaign. Part of that is the fact that I prefer sashes to shoulder yokes on soccer jerseys, but maybe it’ll grown on me once the finished product is revealed and we see the full identity on the pitch.


There will surely be more leaks and unveilings coming, and we’ll try our best to keep up with them as they come in. Also, make sure to follow Todo Sobre Camisetas as well, since you know for a fact that they’ll be on top of things as well. As far as the kits are concerned, which one is your favorite so far?