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El Paso Chihuahuas to wear retro Padres uniforms


New will meet old this weekend in El Paso, Texas. The minor league baseball team that some point to as the pinnacle of the current era of wacky team names will adopt a look some point to as the pinnacle of awful Major League uniforms.

The Padres in 1978

The Padres’ brown and mustard uniforms of the 1970s have found a certain hipster, retro-chic appeal of late—San Diego has reintroduced brown into their color scheme and even wear the old look pictured here on throwback days—but deep down, we all know it’s very much in an ironic, so-bad-it’s-good way.

The El Paso Chihuahuas, Triple-A affiliate of the Padres and poster child for the wacky minor league identity movement, will seize on that retro appeal this weekend when they take to the field Saturday, May 7, for 70s Night in the Padres’ old brown and mustard. Per the team’s website:

The 70s style throwback jerseys pay homage to the Chihuahuas Major League affiliate, the San Diego Padres. The jerseys feature the brown body, yellow sleeves with brown trim and the 1970’s Padres font typography.

As always, the game-worn uniforms will be auctioned for charity.