Update: New Logo for Pistons? Nope.


UPDATE (May 5/16 11:45am ET): Since posting this story we’ve learned that the logos shown in the article below will not be used by the Detroit Pistons during the 2016-17 season, this has been confirmed to us by two highly reliable sources.

What remains true is that the logos did appear in the Adidas catalogue for use on various Pistons gear in the upcoming season. We also know that at one point the Pistons 2016-17 logo was listed as “TBD” in various merchandise guides which would suggest a change was on its way. For whatever reason this is no longer the case.

Why? We can only speculate. It’s possible this was an error on Adidas’ part, it’s possible this logo was considered and then eventually decided against by the team, we don’t know, but what has been made clear to us is that this logo will not be a Pistons logo in 2016-17. Our apologies.


Original story follows:

The Detroit Pistons might have a new logo in 2016-17, and we’ve got it for you!

Since we learned the Pistons (along with the Kings and Utah Jazz) were reported to be getting *something* new next season there had been ongoing rumours about their new logo. Many people conjectured that we would see some kind of modernization of the old Bad Boys-era primary logo. This idea was given further credence by seeing the “Detroit Basketball” logotype that the team used for many marketing applications during this past season, seen here on the official Pistons.com season schedule wallpaper images:


With all of these factors in mind, it was no surprise to me when I caught a look at the 2016-17 Adidas NBA catalog of on-court gear.

The official On-Court Jacket, On-Court Pant, Second Half Pullover, Pre-Game Jacket, Pre-Game SS Hood, Pre-Game Short and “Practive” 3/4 Pant all feature the below logo (the right-side logo is the 1-colour version of the logo):

That seems to give us official confirmation that this would be new a Pistons logo for next season… what we aren’t sure about, however, is whether this is replacing the current primary logo or being added as an alternate logo. The catalog does not specify this specific information, so, at this time, we can only assume that the new Pistons logo will be the preferred  logo that the team will want to be used by any marketing and branding applications. In other words, used as if it were the primary but not officially designated as so.

What do you think of the new logo? Was it a good idea to modernize the old logo or do you think they should have gone in a different direction? Let us know in the comments below…