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Leaked: Are These the New Logos for the Utah Jazz?

Utah Jazz 16 17 logo f
Earlier this year, we got our hands on a catalogue image which showed that three teams would have new logos for the 2016-17 season. The Sacramento Kings have unveiled their great new logo set, the Detroit Pistons apparently changed their minds, and now (according to Paul Lukas of Uni-Watch) we’re hearing the Jazz will be unveiling their “new” logo tomorrow.

“New” is in quotations because of the fact that their apparent new logo for the 2016-17 season and beyond is set to look *very* familiar. As Lukas’ Uni Watch shared this great image over on the Twittersphere:

Utah Jazz 16 17 logo

As you can see, that is the classic Utah Jazz script logo in the team’s current colours. That is probably going to be the team’s new primary logo going forward. Also, the team will also unveil a new roundel logo that utilizes the basketball from the musical note logo in the center of the roundel. There’s no word on which logo is actually the primary logo, but it’s a safe bet to assume the logo on the left will be the primary while the one on the right will be the secondary.

There are slight differences to the new mark versus the old mark. The NBA has rules in place to keep teams from simply recycling an old logo and the Jazz logo here, while very similar, is different from the original. Notice the font in “UTAH” has been updated”, the colours have been changed, and the horizontal line through the basketball now goes right through rather than stopping before the center panel:

Utah Jazz Compare

As far as the mountain logo is concerned, it’s clear that it’s finally reached the end of the line after 20 seasons and three different re-colours. For a logo that showed up in the ’90s, it’s lasted a relative eternity, but it was obviously reaching the end of its shelf life as the Jazz embraced their old identity more and more. Now, the Jazz have fully embraced their old look and the mountain logo has officially been put to rest.

After 20 seasons, this logo has finally reached the end of the line
After 20 seasons, this logo has finally reached the end of the line

What do you guys think? Are you glad that the Jazz will officially use their classic logo as their main mark? Are you a fan of NBA teams going back to retro-yet-updated logos? Let us know what you think!