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Utah Jazz officially update logos and uniforms

Utah Jazz 16 17 new f
Yesterday, Paul Lukas of Uni Watch shared an image on Twitter of a t-shirt that very clearly showed two new logos for the Utah Jazz. Well, one of them was new. The other was simply an updated version of the classic Utah Jazz logo from the past.

Utah Jazz Compare

Now, the Jazz have officially unveiled not only a set of updated logos, but they’ve also updated their uniforms as well.

Here's the new Utah Jazz primary mark
Here’s the new Utah Jazz primary mark

Let’s start with the logos. Again, most of these logos are holdovers that have just been promoted, but there are a couple of new logos to discuss. Those include the new secondary logo, and the new “Tri-colored ball” partial logo, which will be used as the team’s new center court logo.

Utah Jazz 16 17 new 1

Here’s a look at the new court — both on paper and in Utah’s arena.

Utah Jazz 16 17 new 4

Utah Jazz 16 17 new 5

Now, it’s time to take a look at the uniforms, which are basically updates of their previous uniforms and a new Pride alternate that can only be described as “unique.” According to the Jazz, the striping on the home and road uniforms has been “modernized,” and the angles on the Jazz’s new striping and their custom font for the numbers and letters are all cut at a 66 degree angle in order to mimic the cut of the Jazz’s primary logo.

Utah Jazz 16 17 home

Utah Jazz 16 17 away

The green alternate received similar updates, but it also received a major change on the front of the jersey — instead of using the wordmark partial logo on the front of the jersey, the location name of “UTAH” is simply emblazoned there in all-white with no outline. It’s an odd decision to make, since this jersey would look a lot better with the classic Jazz wordmark there, in my opinion.

Utah Jazz 16 17 alt

Now it’s time to take a look at what might be the most “unique” sleeved jersey in the NBA, and that’s counting the Washington Wizards’ Baltimore Bullets-inspired sleeved uniforms. Just take a look at this:

Utah Jazz 16 17 pride

The striping is inspired by the look of what the Jazz used to wear for warmups, and that’s basically what it looks like here: A warmup shirt that the team will actually be wearing during the game.

Utah Jazz 16 17 new 6

I’d imagine that it’ll take a while for Jazz fans (or fans of the NBA in general) to get used to this particular look, and it’ll probably be very polarizing.

Utah Jazz 16 17 new 2

So, while the Jazz may have decided to go back to the past with most of their logos, the team has definitely decided to move forward with their uniforms — especially their Pride alternate. What do you all think of the new look? Do you think that the Jazz successfully “refreshed” their identity?