Portland State receives fresh new logo update

portland state logos f
Ever since the late 1990s, the Portland State Vikings have used this logo to represent their athletic program. If we’re being honest, it brought back memories of the old “Buffaslug” logo that the Buffalo Sabres used, and that’s not particularly a good memory to have.

However, that logo has officially been put to rest, and in its place is a new, fresher set of logos that will probably do a better job of standing the test of time.

Portland State logos 1

Portland state logos 3

portland state logos 2

As part of the grand unveiling, Portland State and Nike teamed up to make a video detailing the process behind coming up with the ideas for Portland State’s new athletic identity. The video is fascinating and definitely worth a watch, if only for informative gems like what you see below.

portland state logos 4

Additionally, we get a look at what the school’s various athletic teams will look like with new, revamped uniforms.

Portland state uniforms 2

The football helmets in particular are pretty cool, as they look like traditional helmets from the front, but make use of the secondary logo on the back of the helmet in a pretty unique way.

portland state uniforms 4

portland state uniforms 3

Portland State uniforms 1

Overall, I’d say that this is a pretty massive upgrade for the Vikings, and again, it should age much more gracefully than its predecessor did. What do you all think, though? Do you agree that it’s an upgrade? Is anybody going to miss the slug?