Blue Wahoos to go as Pensacola Mullets on What If Night


There’s an alternate universe in which the Double-A baseball team in Pensacola, Florida, is called the Mullets. In our universe, when fans voted back in 2012 on a team name, Blue Wahoos was chosen over Mullets, Aviators, Redbones, Salty Dogs, and Loggerheads. But this week, the team will take the pan-dimensional journey to that alternate Florida where the team is called the Pensacola Mullets.


Thursday, May 26, will be “What If Night” in Pensacola, when the team will wear Mullets jerseys and caps featuring a logo designed by Brandiose. The jerseys will be auctioned off to benefit Chain Reaction, an organization that promotes volunteerism with teens.


Mullets, which are both a fish and a hairstyle, will feature prominently in the evening’s festivities. There will be mullet (the fish) tosses, a longest mullet (fish again) contest, a mullet (haircut) competition, a Sports Clips stand where fans can get mullet (hair) cuts, and mullet (fish) nuggets served at concession stands.


The logo, which features both the fish and the haircut, will not only be featured on the field, but on clothing in the team store.