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Photos: 2016 MLB Memorial Day Uniforms In Action

Camo unis

Yesterday all thirty Major League Baseball teams wore camouflage uniforms in honour of the Memorial Day holiday — caps, jersey wordmarks, and player numbers were all clad in USMC “woodland” style digital camo (Blue Jays wore CADPAT style) while sleeve patches and player names were recoloured to match the camo colour scheme.

I heard the all too familiar cry of “cash grab” throughout the day yesterday, this is simply not true. Major League Baseball donates 100% of their proceeds to the Welcome Back Veterans charity, the league literally makes zero cash from players wearing these uniforms.

Let’s take a look at the 2016 version of these uniforms in action…

Camouflage pattern in the team wordmark and player numbers:

Yes, even the New York Yankees went all camo, the Yogi Berra memorial patch remained black:

The Toronto Blue Jays wore the Canadian version of the camouflage pattern (known as CADPAT), they were also the only team to have a camouflage pattern in the player names:

Players wore their regular batting helmets which allowed for some team colour while they were on offence. This is also a good look at the camo pattern on both the front and back of the jersey at the same time:

Sleeve patches were re-coloured various shades of green and beige to match the camouflage pattern:

The Boston Red Sox took it a step further by wearing camouflage sleeves under their jerseys:

Cleveland Indians’ controversial sleeve patch was not re-coloured for the event:

While the Atlanta Braves dropped the tomahawk altogether (like Cleveland, this is the case for all their holiday jerseys):

Milwaukee meanwhile decided to replace their usual patch with their retro ball-glove patch, they also were the only team to add a camo helmet decal:
Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 11.42.38

Major League teams will play league-wide dress-up twice more in 2016, the next time will be for Father’s Day in June when all teams will wear graphite and baby-blue versions of their uniforms. On the 4th of July all teams will wear star-spangled inspired designs.