A look at the 2016 NBA Christmas Day uniforms

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You may not be feeling anything close to the Christmas spirit right now — I don’t blame you since the calendar has just flipped to June. However, you may want to throw on your tackiest Christmas sweater and your cute little elf hat just for the time being, because we’ve got a look at what NBA teams will be wearing on Christmas Day next season.

Paul Lukas of Uni Watch got the scoop and provided images of Christmas Day uniforms for all 32 NBA teams. I highly suggest that you go read the article for further details, and also if you want to see what your favorite team will look like if we happen to skip it in this particular post.

Of course, we all know that not every team is going to wear these uniforms — If I had to guess, we’re probably going to see the Cavs, Warriors, Thunder, Spurs, Heat, Clippers, and whatever other teams happen to have enough star power to warrant having a spot on the NBA’s Christmas Day lineup.

Christmas Day 2016 Cavaliers

The Cavs and Warriors are almost guaranteed to be playing on Christmas Day later this year
The Cavs and Warriors are almost guaranteed to be playing on Christmas Day later this year

Meanwhile, the other purpose of these uniforms is to try to pick up on any potential changes or weird oddities. Last year, we ended up getting a sneak peak at the Hawks’ primary uniforms thanks to the initial Christmas Day uniform leak. We won’t be getting any such luck with the Kings, since their uniforms weren’t ready by the time the catalog for next season was released. Also, we won’t be seeing what the Jazz would look like for the same reasons, but we know what their primary uniforms look like, so there’s that.

It is interesting that Adidas decided to stick with last year’s design, for the most part. It was easily one of the most well-received designs since they started doing special Christmas Day uniform designs, and if anything, they actually simplified the uniforms to make them look even better. I don’t think that we’ll see too many complaints from fans of teams who will get to actually wear these uniforms.

There are some interesting quirks, though. The Clippers have “LA Clippers” on their uniforms for some reason, the Magic will have pinstripes (again), teams like the Rockets will focus more on team colors as trim instead of using cream, and the Bucks decided to “buck” the Christmas spirit and wear black instead of green.

Christmas Day 2016 Clippers

Christmas Day 2016 Magic

Christmas Day 2016 Rockets

Christmas Day 2016 Bucks

Again, if you want to see the rest of the designs, I highly suggest that you go read Paul Lukas’ article for more details. Once you’ve done that, come back here and let us know which one is your favorite of the bunch!