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Pillboxpalooza: Two Teams Wear Classic Style Yesterday

Phillies Pillbox

Remember last year when a pillbox cap at Cincinnati’s MLB All-Star Game just couldn’t be done? Those days are just a distant memory today.

Two, yes two, Major League Baseball teams donned the classic 19th-century style cap during games this past weekend, the Pittsburgh Pirates during their usual Sunday home game and the Philadelphia Phillies who were celebrating the 1976 season with throwbacks against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Both styles originated during the 1976 season during which National League teams seldom wore the old style cap in celebration of the senior circuit’s 100th anniversary, while most teams (11 out of 12) dropped the style after the one year the Pittsburgh Pirates continued to don the level lid for the next decade including during a World Series championship in 1979.

A look at the some photos of, what I’m now calling “the Pennsylvania Pillbox” in action this past weekend:

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