2016-17 Sacramento Kings Jerseys Leaked


It appears as if the NBA 2K Store has released the 2016-17 Sacramento Kings uniforms for purchase in their video game. A series of screenshots from the store was shared with me not long ago, and I’ve used those images to update my uniform renders of the home and away uniform:


I also know for a fact that the Kings new “Stretch” uniform will share the same exact shorts design as the away uniform, so I’ve updated my previous render of the possible appearance of that uniform:


Finally, with the official release of the 2016 NBA Draft hats, we got a glimpse of one of the elements in one of the new Kings uniforms:


Since we’ve now seen the home and away uniforms in their entirety, surely this purple strip with the white crown element must be a design detail of the Kings new black Alternate Road uniform. With that in mind, I’ve made an estimated guess on what the entire uniform might look like:


Share your thoughts about these nearly-official (and estimated guesses!) uniform designs in the comments below…