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All 30 MLB Teams in Powder Blue for Father’s Day Today

New York Mets Father's Day Uniform (Photo: Chris Creamer/SportsLogos.Net)

For Father’s Day today all thirty Major League Baseball teams will be wearing powder blue and graphite versions of their usual home, road, or alternate uniforms. Caps will be graphite with powder blue logos, jerseys will be usual team colour with all wordmarks, player numbers, and patches in blue and graphite.

All of Major League Baseball’s proceeds from the sales of Father’s Day jerseys go towards the Prostate Cancer Foundation. MLB collects $0 from this initiative, so you might want to consider that before claiming it’s nothing but a money grab.

Father's Day Jersey Back

Some exceptions to the template here as the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and the San Francisco Giants have opted against wearing blue as their primary colour, no official reason has been given but it should be noted that both these teams consider the Los Angeles Dodgers to be their main rivals. Probably not a coincidence … I mean it’s obvious they totally did it to not look like the Dodgers. Nice to see there’s still some traditional rivalries really still alive in baseball.

2016 MLB Fathers Day Cap and Jersey Details

Here’s a look at what each team will be wearing, caps and jerseys — note: Miami’s jersey will NOT feature a number on the front, this was an error. Note the lack of blue on the Giants and Angels jerseys as noted earlier, and that the Cleveland Indians sleeve patch is in their traditional team colours.

Milwaukee is wearing their retro logo on the sleeve and cap instead of their usual modern primary mark, the Braves have removed the tomahawk from their road wordmark, alternate jersey styles for the Angels, Phillies, and Padres (the powder blue wordmark looks pretty decent on the blue camouflage).2016 Fathers Day uniforms - lrg