Details Emerge About New Toronto Maple Leafs Uniforms

Leafs Uniforms

They won’t be officially unveiled until Friday evening but SportsLogos.Net has learned a few details about what the new uniforms of the Toronto Maple Leafs will look like.

Thanks to a series of Tweets from Twitter user @13WillieBeamen, the content of which was later confirmed to us by two other sources, we now know the Leafs will be going with a very basic design, more basic even than what the club wore this past season.

No shoulder logos or yoke, a single wide stripe at the waist, two stripes on each arm, a lace-up collar, and the new primary logo on the chest.

With all the information we received today we were able to put together these mockups:

Leafs Jersey Mockup New Uniform
Mockups of what the new Maple Leafs uniforms are expected to look like, according to sources

Again keep in mind, these are mockups based on a text-only description. The finer details may be incorrect (things like number font, spacing between stripes), but this at least gives you the general idea of what to expect.

Like I said, it’s simple, but simple’s what you want when it comes to an Original 6 uniform. The big change, other than the logo, is the single solid stripe at the waist – for most of the last 25 years the Leafs had gone with a double thin stripe, the single stripe last used during the Harold Ballard-era uniforms (1970-92).