Atlanta Falcons want to bring back throwback unis as alts for new stadium

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The Atlanta Falcons are moving into a shiny, new, state-of-the-art and absurdly expensive stadium for the 2017 season, but they want to have the option to go back to an old look when it comes to their uniforms. Falcons President Rich McKay recently told ESPN that he wants the team to bring back some throwbacks for their opening season in the new stadium.

Here’s the key portion of ESPN’s report:

“We’ve worn throwbacks for a number of years, (but) when we weren’t allowed to wear the red helmets (2013), then we have not worn throwbacks (since then),” McKay explained. “We’re going to go back and find ways and put our throwbacks on. As you’ve seen them potentially with the black helmet, we’re going to try and get that back in our routine.”

So does that mean the possibility of all-black uniforms?

“We haven’t decided yet,” McKay said. “We have many options. We can go black with white pants. We can do whatever. But we’ll go back and we’ll use the old logo. We like to celebrate history. And our players like it.”

So, the Falcons appear to be interested in bringing back throwback uniforms, but there was also an interesting note about a potential all-black look. Now, the Falcons never wore all-black until they went to their current identity, so any all-black look with the old logo would be a “fauxback” look. But, it appears that any throwbacks that the Falcons can wear will be limited to their era of black helmets — unless the NFL decides to reverse their silly helmet rule and go back to letting teams wear more than one helmet in their identity.

Could we be seeing the Falcons bring this uniform back as a throwback?
Could we be seeing the Falcons bring this uniform back as a throwback?

So, as far as the black helmets are concerned, that would limit the Falcons to their 1990-2002 home look when it comes to throwbacks. The other option would be to either come up with black pants for that particular look and go “fauxback,” or they could just decide to bring back the alternate all black look.

Either way, we should expect the Falcons to have at least one new uniform in their set as they enter the Mercedes-Benz Stadium for the 2017 season. What do you all think? Which option should the Falcons go for?