Giants will wear white pants for all home games in upcoming season

Giants white pants
Last season, the New York Giants threw a small wrinkle into their identity by adding a set of white pants to their home uniforms for two home games. Now, it appears that the Giants liked wearing the white pants at home so much that they’ll be a regular sighting at MetLife Stadium for the upcoming season.

The Giants have announced that they’ll be wearing white pants for all of their home games in the 2016 season. Here’s the official word from the Giants, themselves:

For all regular season home games this season, Big Blue will wear blue jerseys with white pants in place of the traditional greys. The Giants have at times worn white pants at home, including twice last season against Washington and New England. They’ll become a permanent fixture at MetLife Stadium this year.

giants white pants 2

So, if you’re a fan of the nod to the old-school look that the Giants used to have in earlier times, then you’re probably a fan of New York switching to white pants at home full-time. In my opinion, it’s a solid look, and I actually prefer it over the gray pants. That’s just me, though. What do you all think?