The Minnesota Timberwolves are probably headed for a rebrand

Other than a significant tweak/update to their primary logo ahead of the 2008-09 season, the Minnesota Timberwolves have had the same look and color scheme since the 1996-97 season. Unless you’re a blueblood team like the Lakers, Celtics, or Bulls, having the same identity for two decades is an eternity in this day and age. As such, the T-Wolves have decided that now may be the time to switch things up and give themselves a rebrand.

In an article for the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, Nick Halter asked Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor if the team would be getting new jerseys and logos in the foreseeable future. Taylor responded by saying that both would be coming “sooner than later.”

Obviously, this could indicate that the team could be headed for a rebrand in time for the Target Center’s renovations to be complete. Similar to how the Sacramento Kings picked up a new logo ahead of their move to their new arena, the T-Wolves could do the same thing in this situation.

Now that we know that the owner of the Timberwolves wants to see an identity shift, it’s time to speculate! I am a fan of the Timberwolves’ current logo, but I’m not a huge fan of the uniforms. If the recent trends in NBA rebrands are any indication, we probably won’t see the Wolves go through a major color change, but we could see them go back to their roots in some way. That could mean seeing the team focus more on blue-and-green instead of blue-black-and-silver, and we could also see the team update their retro logo and give it a current and fresh coat of paint. The same goes for the uniforms as well — they shouldn’t just bring back the old uniforms and leave it at that, but they should give it a solid update that’s modern but still solid. That’s just my opinion on the matter, though.

As usual, we’d love to hear what you all think about this. Which direction should the Timberwolves go in their rebrand? Should they borrow heavily from their past, or should they move forward? Let us know how you feel!