What’s the deal with these Minnesota Vikings helmet designs?

Vikings helmets f
The Minnesota Vikings currently have one of the best identities in the NFL. From the logo to the uniforms, everything about Minnesota’s look is solid and, personally, it’s my favorite look in the NFL. I’m not going to say that it’s perfect, but it’s a look that the Vikings should stick with for a very long time, in my opinion.

What a lovely uniform.
What a lovely uniform.

However, a picture has surfaced on Twitter that gave fans a tiny bit of concern. Feast your eyes on this, you all:

Vikings helmets 1

There are a couple of normal-looking Vikings helmets there, and then you see a few purple helmets with the primary logo on it, and a shocking black helmet. Yikes.

So, what’s the deal with these helmets? Why do they even exist? There isn’t a clear answer out there, but if I had to guess, they’re probably just prototype designs from back when they were in the process of going to their current look. So, the chances of seeing these particular designs on an NFL field are slim-to-none. That’s a good thing, because the look that the Vikings currently have definitely defeats what we see in that photo.

Anyways, is there anybody out there who actually likes these weird-looking helmets? If so, let it be known because that’s definitely an interesting opinion to have.

UPDATE: Now we know the answer, as you can see below:
Vikings helmets 3
Big thanks to @TheOneSportsGuy on twitter for clarifying!