New Uniforms for Missouri Mavericks

Missouri Mavericks ECHL 2017 new uniforms

The ECHL’s Missouri Mavericks will have a new look when they hit the ice for the 2016-17 season.

Three new uniforms were unveiled by the club, an affiliate of the New York Islanders, today on their official website. The colour scheme from previous seasons has been retained however the “cream” (or heritage white) jersey the team had previously worn is now white.

On the new white (the ECHL switches between darks and whites at home mid-way through the season), the jersey features a stylized black “M” with orange trim. The Rbk-Edge style piping which was so prevalent in the NHL about a decade ago makes an appearance here, piping is blue and silver, with orange filling in the sides of the body. The Mavs’ alternate “horseshoe” logo is on one shoulder while the Islanders logo is on the other.

It’s a similar theme on the orange and black jerseys (which are more-or-less the same as last year’s design), different from the white is the logo on the chest is the silver horse head from their primary mark rather than the “M”, this is the same as last season. What has changed is that neither the orange nor black jerseys contain alternate colours on the side panels. So there’s at least that getting cleaned up a bit (now, about that piping…)

Last season's Mavericks "white" and orange uniforms
Last season’s Mavericks “white” and orange uniforms

“We are really excited about our new look. These jerseys have a clean, sharp style and the “M” on the front symbolizes how proud we all are to represent the Mavericks,” Mavericks General Manager Brent Thiessen said in the press release.

The Mavericks began life in the old Central Hockey League in 2009, they jumped over to the ECHL when the CHL folded prior to the 2014-15 season. The team is owned by Lamar Hunt, Jr. son of the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs.