Real Madrid and Barcelona are both wearing purple clash kits this season

Real Madrid barca purple f
The biggest rivalry in soccer (and probably sports as a whole) is Spain’s El Clasico: Real Madrid vs. Barcelona. As such, you’d think that the two clubs would try their best to distinguish themselves from their rival. For the most part, they do. Barcelona proudly touts their their Blaugrana colors, while Real Madrid wears iconic all-white uniforms, and they couldn’t be more different in that regard.

However, the 2016-17 season will see the two fierce rivals share one thing in common: A clash kit color. Last week, both clubs unveiled their clash kits for 2016. Here’s Barcelona’s:

Real Madrid barca purple 1

And here’s what the defending UEFA Champions League winners will be wearing as a clash kit:

Real Madrid Barca purple

Yep, those are both very purple. Granted, there are plenty of differences, here. Barcelona’s kit (which fits neatly into the template that Nike has been giving both their club and international teams) has pink trim, while Real Madrid’s shade of purple is brighter and has white trim. Still, it’s pretty shocking to see that two clubs who absolutely hate each other have decided to share a color for a season.

Granted, this is probably a pretty big coincidence on both Nike and Adidas’ part, but it’s still strange to see. We’re never going to see the two teams wear the same colors against each other, but which purple kit do you prefer?