Wayback Wednesday! Eight MLB Teams in Retro Uniforms Today

Mets Cubs 1984

What a day to be alive!

Eight Major League Baseball teams will be wearing throwback uniforms today as part of a series of four “turn back the clock” games on the schedule.

The throwback games today are…

Atlanta Braves (1968-71) at Cincinnati Reds (1999-2006)
San Francisco Giants (1978-82) at Boston Red Sox (1976)
New York Mets (1986) at Chicago Cubs (1979-89)
Texas Rangers (1985-93) at Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim (1973-85)

Let’s take a look at the uniforms.

Throwbacks Giants at Red Sox

Throwbacks Braves at Reds

Throwbacks Rangers at Angels

Throwbacks Mets at Cubs

No official word on way the stars aligned the way they did on a random Wednesday in late July (well, the Reds are doing it in honour of Ken Griffey Jr who’s going into the Hall this week), but really… who’s going to complain about something as grand as this?