Manchester United has their 2016 kit leaked via FIFA 17

manchester united leak f
We’re getting very close to the start of the European soccer season, and most of the big clubs are already on their preseason tours in preparation for the long campaign that’s ahead. As such, this is normally the time when we start to see teams unveil their new kits for the upcoming season. One club who has yet to officially reveal their new kit is Manchester United.

The popular English giants will surely make a big deal of their kit unveiling, but according to this tweet, EA Sports’ FIFA series may have beaten them to the punch.

manchester united leak 1

There’s really no reason to doubt that this is the real deal, since EA Sports would more-than-likely have the design so that the game would be up-to-date when it’s released. Overall, the shirt itself is what you’d expect to see from Manchester United: Pretty plain (aside from the strange hexagonal design going down the middle of the shirt), and we’ll probably see white shorts and lack socks to round off the look. Again, nothing too crazy going on here, but you wouldn’t expect to see anything crazy from a club like Man U, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

We’ll still have to wait for the official design, but this is probably it. What do you all think of Man U’s new shirt for 2016-17?