Notre Dame officially unveils Shamrock Series uniforms for 2016

Notre Dame Shamrock 16 f
While Notre Dame’s primary uniform look for football is steeped in tradition and will probably never undergo a radical change, there is one occasion in which the blueblood college football program gets crazy with their uniforms. That occasion comes in the form of the annual Shamrock Series game, which is when the team goes to a “neutral location” against a traditional rival while wearing some non-traditional uniforms. They’ve gone outside of the box for the past few seasons now, and 2016 is no different after they officially unveiled this year’s Shamrock Series uniforms on Twitter today.

Notre Dame Shamrock 16 1

Notre Dame Shamrock 16 5

Notre Dame Shamrock 16 3

Notre Dame Shamrock 16 4

Notre Dame Shamrock 16 2

The famous “God, Country, Notre Dame” stone inscription that graces the side door of the Basillica of Sacred Heart Church makes an appearance both on the gold sleeves of the jerseys and as a sublimated pattern on the gold helmet. ESPN’s Darren Rovell took some pictures of the uni at Under Armour’s unveiling event which got a good look at this particular element. Also, according to Rovell, each helmet was actually hand-painted. Fancy!

Notre Dame Shamrock 16 7

Notre Dame Shamrock 16 6

The name, number, and wordmark font on the jerseys are also clearly inspired by the stone inscription.

Notre Dame Shamrock 16 8

Although I won’t rank this as the “best” Shamrock Series uniform (I’d give that nod to the 2014 uniform), it’s definitely not the worst (that dubious honor would go to the 2012 uniform). Of course, it’s clearly a notch below their primary uniforms, but for a one-off game at a neutral site against a team like Army, it’s not the worst thing in the world. But what do you all think of Notre Dame’s look for this year’s Shamrock Series game?