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Hockey team drops logo just because it was super racist


A team in the National College Prospects Hockey League unveiled a logo that was so racist they had to rebrand twice in a matter of days. The Lake Erie Warriors dropped their incredibly racist logo after it was widely decried for being incredibly racist. Following the furor, the team unceremoniously dubbed itself the Lake Erie Gulls, and appear to have since changed again to the Lake Erie Eagles.

The defunct logo, which, somehow, enough people thought was a good idea to actually unveil in public, features a caricature of a screaming, mohawked, bright-red Native American. According to The Hockey News, the now-defunct logo was unveiled in May, but basically went unnoticed in the public eye until Paul Lukas tweeted on July 27 that it was “quite a logo.”

The Internet’s reaction was swift, and in a period better measured in hours rather than days, the team announced that they would henceforth be called the Gulls.


The existence of the Lake Erie Gulls can also be measured in hours, because now, if you go to their website, you’ll find a team called the Lake Erie Eagles, with no mention of either the Warriors or the Gulls.


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