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Team Canada Unveils Their Newest Hockey Uniforms

Canada new uniform 2016

Just in time for the Summer Olympics, Team Canada has unveiled their new international ice hockey uniform.

The uniforms, designed by Nike and unveiled by Hockey Canada at a ceremony (which I’m being told was) in Toronto earlier today, will make their debut during series of friendlies in Plymouth, Michigan, the first of which will be tomorrow afternoon. They’ll be worn again during the 2017 World Juniors this December and presumably for the 2017 World Championships as well as the other international tournaments for the various different levels held in between.

Let’s take a look:

Team Canada New Hockey Jersey

The base of the uniforms are red or white, as you’d expect, but with a rather large black yoke. There are two stripes on either arm (which appear to not go all the way around?), and a single stripe around the waist. There’s a maple leaf pattern on all of the stripes and yoke.

Team Canada Home and Away uniforms 2016 hockey IIHF

A detailed look at the maple leaf pattern
A detailed look at the maple leaf pattern

On each sleeve is the logo celebrating Canada’s sesquicentennial in 2017.

Canada 150 Logo 2017

“This jersey is designed to match performance with patriotism,” Tom Renney, president and chief executive officer, Hockey Canada said in the press release I had to dig up from another website. “I have been lucky to be able to turn my passion for the game into a career; and what I realized very early on is that hockey goes well beyond what’s learned on the ice. Hockey is part of the fabric of our nation, and teaches all of the life lessons that build great citizens. We wanted to ensure that every aspect of this jersey had a deep meaning to Canadians, while still pushing the envelope with innovation. From the bottom white stripe to the embedded maple leaves, the jersey is emblematic of that intrinsic link between the game and the 35 million Canadians who carry the Maple Leaf in their hearts.”

These jerseys are not the same as those which will be worn during the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea, the IOC forbids the use of national team logos on jerseys worn in their tournaments. A new look will be in place for that tournament.