Lake County Captains wear jerseys inspired by Shawn Kemp-era Cavaliers

Lake County Captains Cavs f
It’s a good time to be involved with Ohio sports. The Cleveland Cavaliers will be going into next season as the defending NBA Champions, and the Indians are currently sitting atop the AL Central and may have a legitimate shot at making a possible World Series run. There’s a lot to feel good about in Ohio when it comes to sports, so the Lake County Captains (Single-A affiliate of the Indians) are celebrating this with a Cleveland Sports History night.

However, since this is minor league baseball that we’re talking about here, that means that you should expect to see the home team wearing some wacky uniform in order to really bring the promotional night home. The Captains have done just that, and they’ve dipped into the Cavaliers’ uniform history by taking uniforms that evoke the memories of Shawn Kemp and Wesley Person and translating them into a baseball uniform.

Lake County Captains Cavs

It’s definitely strange that the Captains decided to go back to the wacky days of the ’90s when it came to Cavaliers throwbacks, but ’90s nostalgia is all the rage nowadays, and this fits the bill.

What do you all think? Is this a cool look for the Captains?