Paul Clemens forced to wear generic Padres jersey during game

Clemens Padres f
Paul Clemens may be #1 in some Padres fans’ hearts, but he’s #47 in the program and on San Diego’s roster sheet. However, that changed for a brief period during San Diego’s game with the Phillies on Saturday night. The Padres pitcher wanted to prove that he could hit, so he loaded up his bat with a bit too much pine tar.

As a result, the pine tar got on his jersey, and that’s a big no-no for pitchers. So instead of getting ejected, the Padres decided to supply Clemens with a generic jersey that read “PLAYER” and “91” on the back.

Clemens Padres 1

Clemens Padres 2

The Padres were eventually able to get Clemens another jersey with his proper name and number on it, but for a while there, Clemens was an international man of mystery. Hey, it beats getting thrown out of the game for using pine tar, right?