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San Jose Sharks Introduce Three New Logos

Sharks New Logo

The San Jose Sharks yesterday announced the addition of three new logos to their set for the upcoming 2016-17 season.

None of the new logos will appear on any in-game uniform but will be featured on official team merchandise. They will not be replacing any existing logo, they’ll just be added to what was already there expanding their overall set.  The logos are officially classified as “secondary logos” by the Sharks.

The marks show a shark, similar to how it appears in their other secondary marks, but now without a hockey stick and with the mouth of the shark open, one shows the full bodied shark on its own, another on an “SJ”, and the last trimmed to mimic the shape of a triangle.

Sharks New Logos 2016-17

All three logos were designed by Terry Smith, a Bay Area artist who had previously designed the original San Jose Sharks logos from 1991.

“It’s always exciting to continue to work on the Sharks brand. We have taken tremendous pride in designing all of the team’s signature looks for the last 25 years,” Smith said in the Sharks’ press release. “As an artist and sports enthusiast, there is no greater feeling than having the fans and players embrace what we create. Working on a new generation of Sharks logos has given us the opportunity to expand the brand and incorporate new elements into the overall look and feel of the franchise.”

Secondary logos from last season (L), new secondary logos this year (R)
Secondary logos from last season (L), new secondary logos this year (R)

One of the new marks has already been announced to appear on a fan giveaway, a Spanish language jersey showing the team name as “Los Tiburones”, this will be handed out before the game on October 29th.