Los Angeles Rams will wear all-white combo for home games in 2016-17

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When it comes to the Los Angeles Rams and their uniform choices, what’s old is new again. While they won’t heed the call of a solid block of their fanbase to return to the old blue-and-yellow color scheme (at least until they go to their new stadium), the Rams will be going back to an old uniform habit from their previous time in Los Angeles.

The Rams made a habit of wearing white jerseys at home during their first stint in LA, and they even wore all-white as their permanent home combo from 1964-1971. Now, it appears that the Rams are bringing that tradition back, as the team has announced that they will be wearing all-white as their home uniform combo for the 2016-17 season.

You might want to get used to seeing this look in Los Angeles
You might want to get used to seeing this look in Los Angeles

As a result, this means that the Rams’ navy jerseys may become an increasingly rare sight among the NFL’s uniform spectrum. If you take a quick glance at their schedule, there’s really only one game in which there’s a good chance that we’ll see the Rams wear navy: Week 3 at Tampa. The Buccaneers normally wear white at home during the first half of the season, so chances are that will be a navy game for the Rams. Other than that, we’ll probably be seeing the Rams in white jerseys for nearly the entire season.

So, what do you all think? Are you glad to see the Rams committing to their all-white combo as their “new” home uniform? Do you think that they should keep the navy uniforms at home? Are you just patiently waiting for them to go back to the old blue-and-yellow colors?