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OGC Nice in France pay tribute to 85 victims killed in Bastille Day attack

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In an inspiring and touching move, Ligue 1 side OGC Nice will be paying tribute to the 85 victims of the recent Bastille Day terrorist attack in Nice with a special jersey.

Instead of wearing their traditional red-and-black striped shirts, they’ll be wearing a white shirt with no sponsor on it, and in the sponsor’s place is a heart that’s made up of the names of all of the victims from the attack.

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Nice’s opponent for the match, Stade Rennais, will wear their normal colors, but they’ll also be wearing the same heart design on their shirt, in lieu of a sponsor.

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According to the AP, there will be further tribute paid to the victims during the August 14th game:

As well as a minute’s silence before kickoff, fans will be asked to remain silent when the players enter the pitch.

“An individual tribute will be paid to each of the 85 victims,” Nice said in a statement on Tuesday, with their names read aloud while young players from the club release white balloons.

“Nothing will ever be the same but we need to get back on our feet,” the club said, asking all fans to also wear white.

It’s always nice to see sports acknowledge the bigger world around them, and although the world would have been better off without the tragic Bastille Day events even occurring, it’s good to see sports teams come together for the greater good and make sure that the victims of these attacks are recognized. This is an extremely classy move by Stade Rennais and the home club themselves, OGC Nice.