Greensboro to take the field as Jeansboro Grasshoppers


Greensboro, North Carolina, is home to the Single-A South Atlantic League Greensboro Grasshoppers, as well as the headquarters for that famed purveyor of denim, Wrangler. The hometown baseball team will stake their city’s claim to “Denim Capital of the World” and pay homage to their noteworthy neighbor by taking to the field in baseball-pants jeans this Saturday.

Pitchers Ryley MacEachern (left) and Marcus Crescentini model the uniforms with team mascot Guilford.

The Grasshoppers’ second annual “Jeansboro Night” is part of a larger Jeansboro initiative coordinated by Wrangler, in which local artists decorate sculptures provided by the company, which are then displayed around town.


Of course, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen baseball jeggings on the ballfield. Last year, the Eugene Emeralds wore uniforms meant to look like hipster flannel and skinny jeans on Portlandia Night.