Manchester United will let their fans design their next third jersey

Man U creation 1
We already know what Manchester United will look like on the pitch this season when it comes to t heir kits. However, Adidas and United already have one eye on the future, and they’re putting the future in the hands of the fans.

Adidas and Manchester United have decided that next year’s third jersey will be a fan design. That’s right: All you have to do is go to this website, and you’ll be greeted with the news that Man U is having a contest to design their next third jersey, and then you’ll be directed to their design feature and how to promote it.

As far as the design feature is concerned, you’re only limited to designing one part of the shirt — either the front of the shirt (and you’ve got to design around the sponsor logo, because of course), the sleeves, the side panels, or the side panels and cuffs. From there, Adidas gives you some base design tools to work with, and they also give you a set of graphics to play with as well. However, you can also upload your own graphics to use as well, and I’d imagine that if you’re especially creative, then that will be the route that you choose to take.

Manchester united jersey creation 1

Once you get done putting the finishing touches on your design, it all comes down to a popularity contest. You upload your design, and then it’s up to you to promote your design to the masses. If your design finishes in the top 100, then it’ll be up to Manchester United themselves to choose what they feel is the the best-looking shirt among the bunch.

Manchester united jersey creation 2

So, if you’ve ever wanted to see one of your concepts actually take the pitch, then now’s your chance to make it happen. Granted, you have a very small chance of this happening, but it seems like fun and it’s always worth a shot, right?