Raptors Introduce Two New Uniforms for 2016-17

Raptors Huskies Chinese 2016 Uniforms

The Toronto Raptors unveiled two new uniforms for the upcoming 2016-17 season via a video posted by their social media accounts earlier today.

First is a throwback to 70 years ago, an all-blue tribute to the Toronto Huskies, the original pro basketball franchise in both Toronto and Canada. The Huskies played just one season in the then-BAA (modern day NBA) including hosting the first game in league history against the New York Knicks on November 1.

The Raptors will wear blue Huskies throwbacks six times this season (Photo: Sandy Nicholson)
The Raptors will wear blue Huskies throwbacks six times this season (Photo: Sandy Nicholson)
Jersey wordmark details, note the raised lettering
Jersey wordmark details, note the slight raised embroidery in lettering

The Raptors, who have no connection officially with the Huskies, previously wore white versions of these throwbacks during the 1996-97 and 2009-10 seasons. This will be the first time the Toronto Raptors ever wear a blue uniform.

Leaked photo from February shows possible new Raptors Huskies uniform

huskies opening night


The Huskies uniforms will be worn six times throughout the 2016-17, the exact games will be announced at a later date.

Also unveiled is a special Toronto Raptors Chinese New Year themed uniform:

Raptors Chinese Uniform
Raptors will wear a Chinese uniform for two games in January 2017 (photo: Sandy Nicholson)

This jersey uses the familiar modern Raptors uniform template but replaces the “RAPTORS” wordmark across the chest with “TORONTO” in simplified Chinese. A nice touch sees the inclusion of a dragon and the Raptors basket-claw logo incorporated into the Chinese characters.

Closeup of the "TORONTO" Chinese wordmark
Closeup of the “TORONTO” Chinese wordmark

The Toronto metropolitan area is home to over half-a-million Chinese Canadians, making up nearly ten percent of the entire population of the region.

This uniform will be worn for two dates in January and will be scheduled to coincide closely to the Lunar New Year of January 28, 2017.