One More Knight: Las Vegas NHL Registers Yet Another Name

Las Vegas NHL

Seems these guys just can’t settle on a name they like.

While it doesn’t appear to be trademarked yet (there is a multi-day delay of when such filings become public), on August 23rd the Las Vegas NHL team registered another domain —, this according to what’s become the top source of Las Vegas hockey name news, you guessed it, DetroitHockey.Net (time for a new name, fellas).

That’s the only variation of the name registered by the team so there’s no indicator if they’ll be “Las Vegas” or “Vegas” like we saw with the trademarked names.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.44.10

Sand Knights is only the fourth name publicly registered as a domain by “Black Knight IP Holding Company” joining three ‘Hawks names we reported on two weeks ago: Red Hawks, Night Hawks, and Desert Hawks. We’ll repeat that none of these domain names appear to have been trademarked yet. The team has filed federal trademarks for Silver Knights, Desert Knights, and Golden Knights.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 08.51.00

It’s a bit of a mystery at this time as to why the team has registered these domains… could be backup plans in case something fails a legal hurdle? Could be a quick reaction to the social media response of the other names? Or maybe they just like everyone talking about the team as much as possible. We don’t know… what we do know is the team appears to be suddenly considering Las Vegas Sand Knights as a new option for their team name.

Popcorn emoji.

Yesterday we ran a poll via our Twitter feed (follow!) asking which of the three trademarked ‘Knights names was the best… “Desert Knights” won in a landslide (however many bemoaned the lack of a “None of the Above” option)


We’ll try another poll later today with Desert Knights matchup up against Sand Knights and the forgotten (and seems to be popular) Nighthawks from earlier this month.