NBA Trademarks Three Additional, Awesome 2017 All-Star Logos

nola skull

Looks like the 2017 NBA All-Star Game will be getting some extra logos we didn’t originally see on the stylesheet.

The National Basketball Association trademarked a whole slew of logos relating to the event freshly relocated to New Orleans, LA – most of them were what we saw when the primary logo was unveiled last week but there were three others that were completely new to us:

Yes, that’s a basketball/skull or a ba-skull-ball (TM-SportsLogos.Net) in there. Simply awesome.

Here’s a better look at the three new logos (this quality is the best we can do for now, and as always with trademark filings – not in colour, the final version will certainly look better):


Not sure when we’ll see the final release of these logos, as always we’ll keep an eye out. Hat tip to @MyClippers (who’s a boss at finding NBA trademarks) and @ConradBurry for the heads up.

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