All 32 NFL Teams unveil new 2016 Color Rush uniforms

NFL Color Rush 2016
The NFL Color Rush has returned, and instead of giving us weekly bursts of color, the entire league has decided to give us one large wave of color as every single team has unveiled their color rush uniforms. Also, it’s important to note that Nike and the NFL have announced that all proceeds from Color Rush sales will go to charity.

One hundred percent of the NFL’s proceeds from the sale of Color Rush jerseys will go directly to the NFL Foundation to fund health, safety and wellness programs for youth around the country. The NFL Foundation is the league’s non-profit organization, representing all 32 clubs, and funds grants to support athletes, youth football and the communities that support the game. The first $500,000 raised from this initiative will be earmarked to replace youth and high school football equipment and fields lost in last month’s devastating floods in Louisiana.

We’ve got photos and notes for each team below, so let’s not waste anymore time and get right into the details!


Arizona Cardinals

Arizona will be wearing a slightly tweaked version of their normal black alternates, with the white lettering/numbering being replaced by red lettering/numbering. Also, black pants were added because this is the Color Rush and monochrome is king around here. However, since the Cardinals were set up with the 49ers, that means that we won’t see these uniforms until next year since they clash with the Niners’ black uniforms.

arizona color rush

Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons will be going with a simple all-red look. The unorthodox striping pattern that’s present on their primary uniforms has been replaced with no striping at all on their jerseys and traditional stripes on their pants. To be completely honest with you, if they replaced the red pants with either white or black pants and made corresponding white and black jerseys, then this would be a huge upgrade over their current uniform set. I’m not a fan of the all-red combo (and this will probably be a common opinion of mine as we go through the rest of the uniforms), but the jersey by itself is very nice.

atlanta color  rush

atlanta color rush 2

Just like the Cardinals, we actually won’t see this uniform until the 2017 season. The Falcons were slated to play their Color Rush game against the Buccaneers. However, the Bucs will be wearing the same red unis that they wore against the Rams last year, so the Falcons have announced that they’ll just wear their normal white uniforms for this game. Bummer.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens were rumored to be wearing all-white against the Steelers, and while that may be true, Baltimore will also be wearing an all-purple set against the Browns on November 10th. The main difference between this jersey and the primary home jersey is the gold numbering. Other than that (and the monochrome look), it’s a very familiar-looking uniform for the Ravens.

baltimore color rush

Buffalo Bills

They’re keeping their stunning all-red look from last season. Not a bad choice at all.

nfl color rush bills 2

Carolina Panthers

Just like the Bills made a wise choice to keep their Color Rush uniforms from last season, the Panthers have done the same thing. Those electric blue pants are amazing.

Carolina Panthers ColorRush

Chicago Bears

The only major change here is that the Bears will be going monochrome. This will be the first time the Bears have worn all-blue since 2006.

chicago color rush

Cincinnati Bengals

Back when the initial Color Rush color sheet leaked, the most interesting part was the fact that the Bengals had a “white tiger” look going on. Indeed, they’ve gone with that look. The orange in this uniform is limited to their helmets, the alternate logo below the collar, and the Swoosh logos on the sleeves. Other than that, the uniform is completely black-and-white. This is definitely one of the more intriguing Color Rush looks that you’ll see.

cincinnati color rush 1

Cleveland Browns

The Browns went with a uniform that would fit in better with their previous uniform set than their current set. Also, by the time they actually wear these uniforms, it may be considered a throwback uniform because the Browns won’t be able to wear it until 2017 due to a color clash.

cleveland color rush

Dallas Cowboys

They’ll be wearing the same uniforms that they wore last year. Again, solid decision.

nfl color rush cowboys 3

Denver Broncos

The defending Super Bowl Champions have gone with a throwback look, and that includes the helmet. The retro logo from their “Orange Crush” days has made a return on their navy helmet. In addition, the jersey has been simplified and they’ll also be wearing orange pants. Similar to the Falcons, if you put white pants on this then this would be a gigantic upgrade over their current uniforms.

denver color rush

Detroit Lions

We heard rumors that the Lions’ Color Rush uniform wouldn’t be black. So guess what color the Lions will be wearing for their Color Rush?

detroit color rush

So much for that! However, they won’t be wearing these uniforms this season, so there was a tiny bit of truth to the rumor that the Lions wouldn’t be wearing black in 2016.

Green Bay Packers

For the first time since 1958, the Green Bay Packers will be wearing white pants. The pants are simple enough — basically white versions of their normal pants.

green bay color rush

Houston Texans

Houston will be wearing monochrome navy, with the main difference between this and their normal monochrome navy look being that the numbering/lettering is red instead of white, and the pants stripe is red with white outlining instead of being white with red outlining. Their Color Rush game was scheduled to come against the Patriots, who also released navy Color Rush uniforms. That means that the Texans will be in their normal white uniforms. The fan reaction to this was reportedly so visceral that the Texans actually had to release a statement.

houston color rush

Indianapolis Colts

The Colts will be wearing blue pants for the first time since 1995, and they’ll also be wearing all-blue for the first time in franchise history. Additionally, the blue appears to be a slightly darker shade of blue when compared to their normal royal blue, and the numbers have the old-school serifs on them. The Colts also announced that this combo will have to wait for next season.

Indianapolis color rush

Jacksonville Jaguars

While some of last year’s Color Rush participants made good choices in keeping their set for this season, the Jaguars probably could’ve benefited from going back to the drawing board. They didn’t, and the awful gold uniforms that they wore last year will be back for this season.

nfl color rush jaguars 2

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs will be wearing their normal all-red monochrome set. The only difference is that they’ll be wearing red shoes since this is the Color Rush.

kansas city

Los Angeles Rams

The uniforms that the Rams wore for their final home game in St. Louis will be worn for their first Color Rush game as a Los Angeles team. That game will come in 2017, though, since it’s being reported that the Rams won’t be wearing those uniforms this season.


Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are back in orange for the first time since 2010, and they’ll be wearing all-orange as well. Again, if you put white pants on this, then this would be a serviceable alternate look for the ‘Phins.

miami color rush

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings decided to remove all of the white from the purple elements of their uniform and replaced it with even more gold. That’s the major difference between this and their regular uniform. Honestly, it looks like something that a high school team would wear as knockoffs when compared to the pro team’s look.

minnesota color rush

New England Patriots

New England brought back the old-school striping from the days of Pat Patriot and combined it with the current color scheme, numbering/lettering, and logos. Like a few other Color Rush sets, all they’d have to do is change the pants color (this time, to silver) and this would be an upgrade over their current uniforms.

new england color rush 1

new england color rush

New Orleans Saints

There were rumors that the Saints would be wearing throwbacks for their 50th season celebration. Indeed, they’ll be wearing throwback-inspired set for their Color Rush uniforms. The striping and numbering is reminiscent of what they wore back in their initial days of being an NFL franchise, and the white pants are topped off with their modern fleur-de-lis logo. These are arguably the best-looking Color Rush uniforms in the league.

new orleans color rush 1

New York Giants

There were similar rumors of throwback Color Rush uniforms surrounding the New York Giants. Those rumors turned out to be true as well, and the Giants will be wearing uniforms that are inspired by the road uniforms that they wore during the entirety of the 1980s and 1990s. They even brought back the helmet logo from that time.

new york giants color rush 1

Ny giants color rush helmet

ny giants color rush 2

New York Jets

The Jets will keep their all-green look from last season, so if you were a fan of the kelly green Jets, then this is good news for you. Also, they’ll be wearing white facemasks for their Color Rush game against the Bills. Apparently this is being done to make the game watchable for our friends who are color blind. Smart!

nfl color rush jets 4

Oakland Raiders

Leave it to the Raiders to buck the trend of what everybody else is doing in the league. While the rest of the league went with monochrome uniforms, the Raiders appear to have gone with white jerseys and silver pants. Granted the shade of silver is light enough to where it’s not a stark contrast between the pants and jerseys, but it’s still unique when it comes to the rest of teh league. Also, the look is very similar to what they wore back in the mid-1960s as an AFL team.

oakland color rush

Philadelphia Eagles

They’ll be wearing their all-black alternates as a Color Rush uniform. Bleh.

philadelphia color rush

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers announced a while back that they’d be wearing all-black for their Color Rush, and they duly delivered on that announcement. The jersey by itself appears to tie together different eras of Steelers jerseys, with white being eliminated from every part of the uniform except for the Steelers logo on the chest and helmet.

pittsburgh color rush

San Diego Chargers

San Diego went with a shade of blue-and-gold that’s similar to what they wore during the “Air Coryell” era, and they also got creative with their helmets as well. The bolt logo has been simplified (similar to what they wore during the 1960s and 1970s), and they actually went with gold facemasks. The Chargers get huge points for switching things up, here.

san diego color rush

san diego color rush helmet

San Francisco 49ers

Just like the Eagles, the 49ers decided to just wear their normal all-black alternates for the Color Rush. Everybody’s dreams of seeing the 49ers in all-gold will have to wait once again. This means that we won’t get to see the Cardinals’ all-black getup this season. I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing — I’m leaning towards “bad” because the Cardinals all-black uniform is better than this one.

49ers Black 1(2)

Seattle Seahawks

Now this is an eye-catcher. The Seahawks decided to join their soccer-playing brothers and embrace rave green — or, as they officially call it, “Action Green.” Indeed, there’s no silver or gray on this uniform (aside from the helmet) — just blue, white, and a whole lot of Action Green. There’s no word on whether or not these uniforms will glow in the dark, but these are still some of the brightest-looking uniforms that you’ll see.

Seattle color rush

seattle color rush 2

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I had dreams of them going with an all-pewter look. Instead, they’ll be keeping their all-red look from last season.

nfl color rush bucs 8

Tennessee Titans

Not only are the Titans going to keep their Color Rush set from last season, but they’ll also be playing the Jaguars again, which means that we’re going to get the same exact Color Rush matchup from last season. This is nothing to celebrate.

NFL color rush jaguars 1


Well, this is a shocker of a uniform. While some teams went with a throwback look or got creative, Washington decided to just add a yellow jersey to compliment their yellow pants. The result is a shockingly-bright uniform. Also note that “shocking” does not mean “good,” here. The only good thing is that they won’t be worn this year since Washington is playing on Thanksgiving.

washington color rush


And there you have it — a look at all 32 NFL Color Rush uniforms for this season and next season. So, what do you all think? Which one is your favorite? Which one do you think needs to be scrapped completely? Which one are you just “meh” about?