Oregon Ducks will dress like their mascot this Saturday

Oregon Ducks puddles f
Once again, the Oregon Ducks are the talk of the college football uniform world, and this time they may have outdone themselves with their latest idea. The Ducks have already worn completely different uniform templates for three different games so far this season, with their Week 3 “Villains” uniforms being relatively tame for their standards. However, the fourth different uniform combo for the Ducks is a doozy.

Oregon has decided to pay tribute to their long-serving mascot by wearing uniforms that are a near-mirror image of what “The Duck (not Puddles)” looks like. The uniforms are officially referred to as the “Once a Duck” uniforms.

oregon ducks puddles 3

oregon ducks puddles 4

oregon ducks puddles 2

I’m going to go ahead and say that this is genius on Oregon and Nike’s part. I can’t remember if there’s ever been a time in which a team decided to base their uniforms on what the mascot is wearing, instead of vice versa. However, if there was going to be any team that would come up with a zany idea like this and actually make it work, it would be Oregon.

Oregon Ducks puddles 1

oregon ducks puddles 5

I’m actually at a loss for words to describe this, other than than to once again say that this is a stroke of genius. I predict that we’ll probably start seeing other teams dress like their mascots now, but we’ll never forget that Oregon was the first to do it and succeed at it as well.

So, do you all agree with me and think that these are fantastic uniforms? Who do you think should/would be the next to try dressing like their mascot?