Michigan’s new basketball uniforms are leaked

Michigan jumpman basketball f
Back in the late Summer, Michigan’s athletic program made their relationship with Nike’s Jumpman brand official by releasing the uniforms for the football team and also giving a sneak peek at uniforms for other sports.

Michigan Jumpman 1

While it’s probably weird to see the Jumpman logo on a football uniform, it looks normal on a basketball uniform. Thanks to a leak from the MGoBlog message boards, we’ve now got a look at Michigan’s basketball uniforms.

michigan jumpman basketball 1

Michigan jumpman basketball 2

Michigan jumpman basketball 3

Credit to @UMichWD for passing on these images
Credit to @UMichWD for passing on these images

As you can see, the uniforms are pretty traditional and straightforward — just like their football uniforms. That’s not a bad thing at all, especially when you consider what the team was wearing last year.

Yes, this seriously happened
Yes, this seriously happened.

May we never speak of those weird stripes again. Anyways, if you’re a fan of the classic Michigan uniforms that the team wore during the Fab Five era, then you’re probably satisfied with what they’ll be wearing on the court this season. If you aren’t, then please let us know exactly what’s wrong with these uniforms because that will be an interesting conversation to have in the comments section.