Team Europe, Your 2016 World Cup of Hockey Phantom Champs!

Europe 2016 World Cup Hockey Champions

Team Europe, ladies and gentlemen!

The team people expected to roll over and die, lose their three round robin games and completely forgotten about. Not so much, eh?

A surprise run to the 2016 World Cup of Hockey Finals ended last night for the team of misfit players belonging to European countries deemed not good enough to field their own full roster. Sure their tournament ended in a two-game sweep at the hands of the powerhouse Canadian club, but boy did they ever make that last game interesting. Canada needing a last minute goal to finally take the trophy home… which is quite literally just back across the street.

Anyways, to be honest, I’m surprised they even made this stuff… but here it is, the t-shirts, pins, flags, and other miscellaneous merchandise you would’ve seen flooding the streets of Bratislava for years and years. Here’s your 2016 Team Europe World Cup of Hockey “Phantom” Championship merchandise:

Europe Sign Europe World Cup Champions Hockey 2016 Shirt 2 Europe World Cup Champions Hockey 2016 Shirt Europe Towel Europe Pin Europe Flag Europe Lanyard Europe Pennant


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