NC State brings back classic Diamond logo with throwback uniforms

NC State throwback f
This Saturday will mark the 50-year anniversary of the day that NC State’s Carter-Finley Stadium opened. The team is celebrating the occasion with throwback uniforms, and that includes the return of a popular logo from the Wolfpack’s past.

NC State throwback 3

That’s right: The old-school Diamond logo from the ’80s and ’90s is making a return for this weekend’s game against Notre Dame. The logo’s return coincides with the team wearing a throwback uniform for the game as well.

NC state throwback 4

NC State throwback 2

The school didn’t specify which year this uniform came from, so if I had to guess then this is just a general representation of the look that NC State used to wear when this logo was active. If anybody knows better than I do about this, feel free to sound off in the comments! Meanwhile, here’s further info from NC State:

“It’s a special year as we honor Carter-Finley’s 50th anniversary,” said Doeren. “To recognize our proud tradition, we have brought back the diamond logo and uniform.”

Former head coach Dick Sheridan introduced the diamond logo in 1986, his first year as head coach. The Wolfpack wore that helmet for the next 14 seasons, until going back to the traditional Block S in 2000.

NC State throwback 1

Since we’re talking about throwbacks here, the uniform itself is extremely simple, which means that the logos have to be on point in order to carry the rest of the design. Fortunately that’s the case, since the diamond NC State logo is definitely one of the stronger marks tha tthe school has come up with. It’s a lovely look, and NC State fans should be excited to see this look returning to the field for one game only.

What do you all think? Should they try to update this logo for future use, or do they need to just keep it for one day only?