Golden State Warriors muddy up two eras with Crossover uniforms

Warriors crossover f
The Golden State Warriors don’t exactly have the best alternate uniforms in the NBA (aside from their lovely throwbacks, which they go all-out for), so there wasn’t exactly much clamor for the Warriors to come out with new alternates. However, there were indeed rumors that the Warriors would have an Oakland tribute alternate of sorts coming down the pike, but that was intended to come out for the 2017-18 season.

However, the Warriors will indeed have new alternate uniforms that pay tribute to the past, as they’ve officially released their Crossover jerseys for sale.

Warriors crossover

Here’s the Warriors description of the idea behind the uniform:

The new Crossover alternate uniform harkens back to the “Run TMC” era Warriors of the early 90’s and features the very same diagonal lettering worn by the team then, mixed with the color scheme and design of the jerseys the team wears on the road now. The diagonal lettering used on the Crossover alternate uniforms was used during the 1988-89 to 1996-97 seasons. This Crossover jersey not only symbolizes a crossover of eras, but also a nod to Run TMC’s Tim Hardaway, who was known for his “Killer Crossover.”

Now, we’re not going to act like these were just released. They were universally panned by both fans and other uniform critics alike when they were initially unveiled back in September, and we agree with both of those camps. The uniform is intended to pay tribute to the exciting teams from the Run-TMC era of the ’90s, but these uniforms are anything but exciting. They basically just threw the old script on the current uniform template and inexplicably added the three Adidas stripes on the side. The Warriors would’ve been better off just bringing back the throwbacks completely instead of muddying up both eras of uniforms with this particular effort.

Warriors crossover 2

We have yet to see the shorts for this uniform, but I doubt that they’ll make a huge difference in possibly improving opinions on the uniform as a whole. Instead, this comes off as a lazy cash grab that’s intended to capitalize on the Warriors being an extremely successful and popular team in the NBA right now.

But what do you all think? Are these actually nice and am I wrong? Or are these as uninspired as I described them? Let us know what you think!