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Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals give us orange overload in Week 7

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The Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals are two teams in the NFL who normally use orange as an accent color rather than their main color. While both teams play each other two times a year, they normally do a good job of contrasting each other with their colors on the field. This is despite the fact that both teams have mostly orange helmets and share similarly-dark main colors of brown and black.

However, both teams decided to emphasize orange during Week 7 of this NFL season. The Bengals picked this week to wear their orange alternate uniforms, while the Browns made the choice to wear their orange pants. As a result, we were given an orange overload at Paul Brown Stadium.

Browns Bengals Orange 2

Browns Bengals Orange 1

Browns Bengals orange 3

I’m going to be completely honest with you all right now: Orange is my favorite color. With that being said, this is too much orange, even for me. If it weren’t for the Browns wearing relatively simple uniforms and the Bengals wearing an elaborate Tiger costume for uniforms, then this would almost look like a scrimmage instead of an actual NFL game.

Browns Bengals orange 5

Browns Bengals orange 4

I suppose that if this game was held a week later, it would actually work out as a cool tribute to the Halloween spirit. Instead, it just looks like an overload of orange.