2016 Penguins Engraved on Cup with a Typo?

Pic @Penguins

The Pittsburgh Penguins Stanley Cup victory in the 2015-16 season is now official, it’s been engraved onto the Lord’s mug.

An image of the fresh engraving was posted by the Penguins to their official Twitter account earlier this afternoon and I couldn’t help but notice something seemed out of place.

First of all it’s nice that they left at least a little room on that list for the players, good they got a shout out after all that. But look a little closer at one of those names:

Fvgeni Malkin Typo


Oh noes.


UPDATE Oct 26/16 (2:40pm ET): The Penguins quickly responded to this story via a Tweet explaining that the lighting caused that one “E” and none of the others to look like an “F”. The Tweet showed a photo from an alternate angle which confirmed:

So, there you go.