(Adjective) (Animal)s Announced as New Minor League Name

Minor League Baseball logo

Earlier today we got ourselves a new Minor League Baseball team name! Introducing the (Adjective) (Animal)s! The name was announced via the official team social media channels following a brief name-the-team contest which yielded several underwhelming finalist names.

Reaction to the new name was met with skepticism but team officials stressed that they wanted to both appeal to the local history of the region as well as make it clear that their brand of baseball is family-friendly. As is typically the case fans will soon get used to the new name and likely grow to love it, after all, we all remember the original reaction to the (Last year’s Adjective) (Animal)s name when it was first announced, but they went to the top of the sales charts in (current year)!

“It was important to us to tap into the rich history of (name of small town), that’s why we incorporated the (adjective) into the name”, (Adjective) (Animal)s team GM/social media co-ordinator explained. “Kids of all ages will love our new (animal name) mascot and logo, we’ll announce the logo in the next few weeks but we’ll also hold a name the mascot competition later on this off-season”.

This is the (number)th new Minor League identity to be unveiled already during November with several more expected to come… we can’t wait to see what exciting new names they’ll be announcing by the end of the month!