Binghamton Mets transform into Binghamton Rumble Ponies

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Hey everybody, another minor league baseball team has switched their nickname to (Adjective) (Animal)s! What a week this has been for rebranding in minor league baseball, and things show no signs of slowing down, either. Today, the Binghamton Mets were the latest team to shed their relatively nondescript moniker in favor of a livelier and more exciting identity.

Ladies and gentlemen, feast your eyes on the Binghamton Rumble Ponies.

rumble ponies 3

If you’re wondering how the team got its new nickname, Rumble Ponies happened to be one of six finalist fan-submitted nicknames (and one of the finalists was Stud Muffins. Stud Muffins!), and Rumble Ponies ended up being the winner out of those six. A fan named Nicole actually explained the reasoning behind her idea.

The winning name submission came from Nicole, of Binghamton. Her inspiration for Rumble Ponies came from “The Carousel,” a children’s book written by Binghamton University professor Liz Rosenberg about carousel horses that sleep in the winter, but come to life in the spring. Nicole was awarded season tickets for life and the first home jersey produced for winning the Name the Team Contest.

“When I rode the carousels as a child every summer, I imagined they were wild stallions or untamed ponies,” said Nicole. “Now as a mother I watch my young sons do the same. The book illustrates the concept of every child’s imagination of what these horses truly are. These carousels of the Triple Cities were put here by men of industry from our local history for the community to enjoy, just like baseball.”

rumble ponies 1

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While the Rumble Ponies didn’t have uniforms ready to unveil like the Jumbo Shrimp did, they did have hats ready to show off. It’s always interesting to see how these highly-detailed logos translate to the cap, and for the most part, they make a pretty seamless jump. There’s no exception here, as the Rumble Pony looks pretty good on a baseball hat.

rumble ponies 4

So, what do you all think about the latest minor league baseball identity? What’s next? Can you come up with a wacky nickname for the next minor league baseball team that shows up on this website?